This website is experimental, some applications have not been completly tested.
This website might change after debian 9 is released.

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Software that works with debian, that is controlled with script.
    How the script was run.     The result.     additional script and notes.     phpBB Script forum.

Anything about internet. Preferably it works with debian and localhost.     phpBB Localhost forum.
PageTutor, documentation for html language.     html

Miscellaneous.     phpBB Miscellaneous forum.
Some media files to download.     Music     Video

Send a message to webmaster. It might take several days to respond.     Contact Form.

Upload files to this site, using the application phpBB.    maxium file size default is 256 kib.     phpBB Localhost forum.

Upload files to this site, using the application ProjectSend.
maximum file size= 2048 mb. client password= 5-60 characters.
These file extensions do not work: c, exe, GI, ogv, pov, dats, cf, rib, v, gri, ps, scad, stl, vl, vvp, vhdl, cpp, h, mk, dat, webm.
These file extensions do work: jpg, mp3, mp4, tif, png, bmp, tiff, avi, htm, doc, pdf, txt.
When uploading, do not leave page until all files are uploaded, or no files will be saved.
To create client account, please tell webmaster: ProjectSend, your name, your password, your email.
Then wait for your account to be created.
To log in, login screen will appear twice, enter your username and password each time.     ProjectSend