Notes related to the debian 9.3 stretch amd64 software main repository, that is on the official 14 dvd set.

Index by name.

hwinfo hwinfo.txt

lshw lshw.txt

gri gri.txt

fauhdlc fauhdlc.txt

ats ats.txt

aqsis aqsis.txt

mysql mysql.txt

debian install.txt

iverilog iverilog.txt

openscad openscad.txt

povray povray.txt

dokuwiki dokuwiki.txt

dotclear dotclear.txt

drupal drupal.txt

hesk hesk.txt

limesurvey limesurvey.txt

owncloud owncloud.txt

phpBB phpBB.txt

piwigo piwigo.txt

piwik piwik.txt

ProjectSend ProjectSend.txt

tinywebgallery tinywebgallery.txt

vanilla vanilla.txt

wordpress wordpress.txt


zenphoto zenphoto.txt

cplusplus cplusplus.txt

gutenberg gutenberg.txt

wesnoth wesnoth.htm