echo "su; bash in/su/hardware/ 2018 05 31 This bash script runs a program that is in the Debian 9.3 main software repository. This program must be run as super-user."; # su; apt-get install --allow-unauthenticated -y hwinfo; PACKAGE2="hwinfo"; OUT2="Computer"; mkdir -p "${OUT2}"; echo " ${OUT2}/${PACKAGE2}.htm    Debian 9.3. Package ${PACKAGE2}. must be run as super-user." >> ${OUT2}/${PACKAGE2}.htm PATH2="/usr/sbin/hwinfo" mkdir -p "${OUT2}/${PATH2}"; hwinfo > "${OUT2}/${PATH2}/hardware.txt" echo "
${PACKAGE2}    hardware" >> ${OUT2}/${PACKAGE2}.htm; cp /etc/debian_version ${OUT2} echo "
debian version    version" >> ${OUT2}/${PACKAGE2}.htm; hwinfo --version > ${OUT2}/${PATH2}/version.txt dpkg -L ${PACKAGE2} > ${OUT2}/${PATH2}/installed.txt man ${PACKAGE2} > ${OUT2}/${PATH2}/manual.txt echo "
${PACKAGE2}    manual    installed files    version" >> ${OUT2}/${PACKAGE2}.htm; cp in/hardware/${PACKAGE2}.sh ${OUT2}/${PATH2} echo "
The script that created this.    ${PACKAGE2}.sh" >> ${OUT2}/${PACKAGE2}.htm; echo "" >> ${OUT2}/${PACKAGE2}.htm; echo; echo "${PACKAGE2} end.";