secured.php admin adminpass localhost/phptoys/step3.php $Password = 'demo'; GitHub localhost/GitHub/index.php $users = array('USERNAME' => 'PASSWORD'); http://localhost is requesting your username and password. The site says: “Restricted area” Make file index.php, which has this content: Secrets. password_protect 'zubrag' => 'root', 'admin' => 'adminpass' Usage: # Set usernames / passwords below between SETTINGS START and SETTINGS END. # Open it in browser with "help" parameter to get the code # to add to all files being protected. # Example: password_protect.php?help # Include protection string which it gave you into every file that needs to be protected # # Add following HTML code to your page where you want to have logout link # Logout localhost/password_protect/password_protect.php?help Include following code into every page you would like to protect, at the very beginning (first line): localhost/password_protect/test.php Please enter password to access this page Login: admin Password: adminpass Logout // User will be redirected to this page after logout define('LOGOUT_URL', ''); passwords $urlList = array ('xyzzy' => 'valid.html', 'abcdef' => 'valid.html', '123456' => 'valid.html' localhost/passwords/passwordstest.php Make file test.php, which has this content: Logout To compress this folder into a zip archive: zip -r password; secured if(($_POST['username'] == "admin") && ($_POST['password'] == "adminpass")){