This section is for applications that run on the website hosting server. It is experimental. The applications may or may not work.

Notes about many applications, and example links to them. The applications are not installed here, so the links are dead. Apps.htm

An old manual for CakePHP. CakePHPCookbook.pdf

Some old manuals for phpBB.     ascraeus_documentation.pdf     olympus_documentation.pdf     rhea_documentation.pdf

Some example script generated by Piwik. Since Piwik is not installed here, the script does not work here.     Piwik3.txt     Piwik4.txt     Piwik6.txt     Piwik7.txt

This is a test for page hit counter.     run     see result

Contact forms, to send messages to this webmaster.     contact

website page hit counters.     count

scripts for login, user authentication, password checking.     password

scripts for captcha.     captcha